Yehuda Gilbert Tanalessy, S.H.


Yehuda Gilbert Tanalessy is a driven legal professional, a graduate of the Business Law Program at Podomoro University. He earned his Law Degree (Sarjana Hukum) in 2022 and later completed the Advocate Special Professional Education Program (PKPA) passing the Advocate Profession Exam (UPA) in 2023, both from Indonesian Advocates Association (PERADI). Yehuda’s early career was enriched by a valuable internship experience, where he excelled as a Contract Drafter and Eeviewer in the International Relations Department of Podomoro University in 2021.

Drawing from his comprehensive legal knowledge, Yehuda joined RHP Law in 2021, commencing as a Paralegal and swiftly ascending to the role of Associate in 2022. His expertise shines brightly in the specialized domains of Entertainment Law and Intellectual Property, where he dedicates his acumen to deliver exceptional legal counsel. Notably, Yehuda’s passion for these fields was ignited during his college years and further fueled by his continuous engagement as a content creator since 2014. This creative journey has encompassed an array of subjects, ranging from gadgets and technology to the captivating realms of music and films. Yehuda stands as an exemplary professional deeply committed to the intricate intersections of Law, Entertainment, and Intellectual Property.