Indri Yudisia Anggraeni, S.H., M.Kn., CPCD


Indri Yudisia Anggraeni is a distinguished advocate, receiver and administrator.

Her educational background reflects a deep commitment to the field of law. She completed her foundational and secondary education in Jakarta, before earning her law degree from the Faculty of Law at Universitas Trisakti in 2001. To further refine her expertise, she attained a Master’s degree in Notary from Universitas Indonesia in 2005.

In her professional journey, Indri began as an Assistant Notary at the Notary & PPAT Office of Sri Rahayu Hadi Prasetyo, S.H., in 2005. She then joined the Legal Department of Universitas Bina Nusantara in 2009. Currently, since 2018, she serves as a partner at RHPLaw.

Actively involved in various organizations, Indri has been a member of Indonesian Advocates Association (PERADI) since 2010 and has been serving as commitee member for West Jakarta Branch Leadership Council of Indonesian Advocates Association (DPC PERADI Jakarta Barat) since 2021. Additionally, she’s been a member of IKAPI (Association of Receiver and Administrators of Indonesia) since 2020 and has been a commitee member at APKHBI (Association of Indonesian Business Law Consultants) since 2023.

With a solid educational foundation, diverse professional experience, and active involvement in legal organizations, Indri Yudisia Anggraeni stands as a prominent figure in the Indonesian legal realm.