Clinton Sutanto, S.H.


Clinton Susanto, S.H., is a dedicated legal professional who stands as a testament to academic excellence and a steadfast commitment to the legal field. Graduating with a Law Degree (Sarjana Hukum) from the distinguished Business Law Program at Podomoro University in 2022, Clinton’s educational journey has been marked by a pursuit of knowledge and a passion for the intricacies of law.

Elevating his expertise further, Clinton embarked on an Advocate Special Professional Education Program (PKPA) in 2022, culminating in the successful completion of the Advocate Profession Exam (UPA) in 2023. Both accomplishments were earned through the Indonesian Advocates Association (PERADI), solidifying his position as a certified legal practitioner.

Clinton’s early career was enriched by diverse experiences, reflecting his versatility and eagerness to contribute meaningfully to the legal landscape. Notably, he thrived as a Legal Intern at Daud Silalahi & Lawencon in 2021, honing his skills and insights in a dynamic professional environment. His pursuit of legal excellence continued as he excelled as a Contract Drafter and Reviewer within the International Relations Department of Podomoro University the same year. Moreover, his contributions extended to a role as a Legal Intern at Arifudin Susanto Partnership (ASP Law Firm) in 2022, where he further nurtured his legal acumen.

Currently a vital part of the RHP Law team since 2022, Clinton embarked on his journey as a Paralegal, swiftly ascending to the role of an Associate. His primary focus area revolves around litigation and dispute resolution, reflecting his profound interest in resolving legal conflicts and upholding justice. Throughout his academic and professional journey, Clinton has exhibited a strong affinity for the world of litigation and dispute resolution. Notably, he has taken an active role in assisting the Partners at RHP Law with complex bankruptcy cases, showcasing his dedication to taking on intricate legal challenges and making impactful contributions.